Debt Focused Group to Inform Voters Before VP Debate

Oct 8, 2012

A national nonpartisan group that encourages politicians to work together to address the country’s national debt plans to make its mark on this week’s vice presidential debate. The debate is being held Thursday in Danville, Kentucky at Centre College. And the Fix the Debt campaign plans to be active all week around the college, making the argument that the debt should be the main political issue right now.

Fix the Debt president Maya McGuineas says voters need to be immersed in the discussion, since the debt is a major issue facing Washington D.C. right now.

“We’ll have stands, we’ll be there talking to people about these issues because I think it’s really important around the debate we don’t just listen to what the candidates say, we know what questions to ask,” she says.

McGuineas says her group doesn’t support just one plan to fix the debt, but backs any bipartisan solution to do so.