Datebook: June 13 - 1st Man-Made Object Leaves Solar System 30 Years Ago

Jun 13, 2013

Artist depiction of Pioneer 10 in deep space
Credit NASA

The Pioneer 10 was initially launched to study the environment around Jupiter and eventually... beyond. On this day in 1983, it crossed the orbit of Neptune, effectively leaving our solar system. It's last check-in was 2003, at 12 billion kilometers from Earth. It's en-route to the star Aldebaran, estimated arrival: two million years from now.

It’s Thursday, June 13

Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area offers a full schedule of events this weekend in honor of its 50th Anniversary, including video presentations at the Golden Pond Visitor Center, Eagle Encounters at the Nature Station, a Conservation Canoe Trip, and more. See a complete listing of the weekend’s events at

Saturday’s the deadline for submitting entries for “H is for Hopkinsville,” a children’s alphabet book being produced by the Pennyroyal Arts Council and the Hopkinsville Art Guild. Choose a letter, pick a site or event, and write about it in 45 words or less. Submit ideas to and include your name and contact information.

The Paducah Aero Modelers "Taking Flight for Charity” is Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 5 daily at 501 County Line Road. Model aviation enthusiasts fly model aircraft including remote control, control line, and helicopters. Admission is free; all donations go directly to the Oscar Cross Boys and Girls Club.

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