Danny Carroll Prepares for First Year in KY Legislature

Jan 1, 2015

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After 23 years of representation by Bob Leeper, Kentucky’s second senate district will have a new voice on the legislative floor this year.

Senator-elect Danny Carroll of Paducah said he is still researching issues important to his district, but says improving the economy is one of his priorities.

“I’m afraid that, as a state, if we don’t take steps soon in our tax code revision and right-to-work, we’re going to fall behind all these other states and the good jobs are going to continue to go to those states,” Carroll said.

Carroll is preparing to take a seat on five committees, including the education committee. He said one of his priorities is improving school programs for children with special needs.

“I do plan to do some research and look at the minimal standards for special needs students in schools,” Carroll said. “I hear from a lot of parents of the difficulties they face in school, and looking into ways that legislation might be needed to help folks through that process.”

Carroll said he hopes to use his 24 years of experience in law enforcement to tighten up some laws and be a strong voice on the Judiciary Committee. He plans to introduce a bill known as “Connor’s Law,” that would include death by intentional abuse under the felony of manslaughter in the first degree.

Carroll will also sit on the Health and Welfare and Appropriations and Revenue committees, and co-chair the Program Review and Investigation Committee.  

Kentucky’s Legislative session begins January 6th.