Curris to Attend Special Faculty, Staff Meeting

Apr 1, 2013

Credit Murray State.EDU

Murray State University’s Board of Regents Chairman Constantine Curris says he’ll attend a special meeting of the Faculty Senate and Staff Congress tomorrow.

Both of those organizations have voiced concerns about the board’s decision against renewing President Randy Dunn’s contract. The Faculty Senate and the Staff Congress both issued resolutions of support for the President.

The board voted  7 to 4 on March 15 against renewing Dunn’s contract. That vote comes after a social gathering of 5 to 6 regents the night before where Curris says the members did discuss university business.  A Lexington Attorney says that gathering constitutes an illegal meeting and is filing a complaint with Kentucky’ s Attorney General. 

The special joint meeting of the Staff Congress and Faculty Senate begins tomorrow at 4:00 in the Curris Center’s Barkley Room on the campus of Murray State.