Couple charged for leaving 19 children unattended for nearly a week

Jul 4, 2012

14 counts of criminal abuse and five counts of wanton endangerment have been filed against a Warren County couple who left 19 children unattended for nearly a week.

A concerned neighbor called police to check on the children, who ranged in age from eight months to 14 years.  The couple had asked the neighbor to look in on the kids while they left town due to a family emergency.  Detective Sergeant Tim Robinson of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office says the home was filthy.

"The conditions of the house were deplorable- a lot of animal feces. There was no air conditioning. It was over 90 degrees (with the doors open). There was no food."

When contacted by phone, the couple, Irving Smith and Jackie Farrah, said they were in Michigan and would return home later today.  The 19 kids were placed in foster care.  Nine dogs and a cat were also removed from the home and taken to a shelter.