Conway Asks DOE for More Funds on PGDP Site Cleanup

Aug 2, 2013

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway says U.S. Department of Energy officials will request an additional $35 million for cleanup of the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion site, bringing the total spent for Fiscal Year 2014 to $177 million. 

Conway told members of Paducah’s Community Task Force today that Deputy DOE Secretary Daniel Poneman informed him of the request at their meeting in Washington on July.  However, Conway says he doesn’t think the money allocated so far is enough.

“Y’know, I’m glad they’re asking for an increase, but I think it’s gonna take a significant increase in order to get that piece of property back in condition where it can be used for another economic purpose,” he said.

Conway says he also requested an accounting of the money spent on cleanup at the PGDP site during the July meeting.  DOE officials didn’t have the information available at the time, but said they will provide those records to Attorney General Conway by the end of August.