Commission Adopts Hazard Mitigation Plan

Oct 10, 2012

Paducah City Commissioners adopted a new hazard mitigation plan Tuesday in order to receive funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The Commissioners and Mayor Pro Tem Gayle Kaler approved a municipal order for parts of the Purchase Region Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan applying to McCracken County. Jurisdictions covered by the plan must adopt it in order to receive FEMA funding.  The plan identifies potential hazards for our region such as tornados, severe thunderstorms, flooding and winter weather. Commissioner Richard Abraham says it will help the city be ready in case of natural disasters. He says,

That’s one of those deals where you don’t think about it. You hope you don’t need it, but if it comes raining or it starts snowing and things start freezing up and people are stranded, then you go back, ‘Well, why weren’t you guys prepared?’”

Last night, Gary Vander Boegh, vice president of a company advocating for denied workers’ compensation claimants, also informed the commission about a new community organization formed to push for fair treatment of local plant workers.