Clinton Endorses Lunsford

Paducah, KY – While endorsing fellow Democrat Bruce Lunsford in Paducah today, former President Bill Clinton says Kentucky can be integral in changing America during what he calls the most important Senate race in the country. Carrie Pond has more. ----------------------------------------------- Clinton said Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party have been wrong on big issues like health care, energy policy, and the economy. He says through a WPSD-TV web stream, if McConnell is re-elected, he'll continue to impede efforts to change policy in America.

"When we were there they'd filibustered us more than the filibuster had been used in the 20th century. And if you want to continue the residue of what we have lived through these last eight years, then re-elect Mitch McConnell. If you want to change America, then send Bruce Lunsford to the Senate and he will change America from the grass roots up." Senator McConnell has said that replacing him with a freshman senator would be foolish and that Kentucky would lose crucial influence in national policy. Most polls show the gap between the two candidates within the margin of error.