City Manager Proposes City Absorb Paducah Renaissance Alliance

Dec 10, 2013

Paducah City Manager Jeff Pederson wants to restructure the Paducah Renaissance Alliance, by moving it into the Parks and Planning Departments.


The PRA is a downtown economic development and historic preservation program.

Pederson said the PRA mission was ambiguous and the organization spent too many resources establishing its own identity.

"You know that's money that wasn't going into programs, wasn't going into incentives," Pederson said.

The PRA branding will be removed and replaced by existing Kentucky Mainstreet Program branding. A commission vote on the restructuring plan may occur next week.

The city will continue utilizing the $450,000 allocated to PRA by hiring a Downtown Development Specialist, a Special Events Coordinator, and continue investing in the cultural activities of downtown and Lower Town. 

Pederson hopes to have these newly authorized positions filled by February 1.