City and County Cleanup Costs

Madisonville, KY – Officials in Hopkins County and Madisonville have released the current figures for ice storm cleanup efforts. City Engineer Bill Jackson says over eighty percent of Madisonville's roads are clear. Hopkins County Judge Executive Donnie Carroll says only twenty percent of the county's debris removal is complete, but crews have picked up five hundred thousand cubic yards of debris.

"We're hoping that it won't be, in some areas won't be, as much debris as has been around the cities."

The state and FEMA are footing most of the bill for Hopkins County and Madisonville's cleanup. Jackson says Madisonville has spent 129,000-dollars up to this point. The county's portion is over a hundred thousand dollars and Carroll expects cost to balloon to nearly six-hundred thousand. He isn't sure yet where those funds will come from, but believes they could be part of road project money.