Citizens Group Recommends Caldwell County Smoking Ban

Oct 24, 2012

A citizens group says the Caldwell County Fiscal Court should consider a county-wide smoking ban. The CaldWELL Committee surveyed around 300 people in the county on health issues. The survey showed the top issue was banning smoking in public places. Caldwell County Judge-Executive Brock Thomas says the fiscal court will study the issue before they decide to take any action.

“We will look at it as a court. We will talk to the citizens of Caldwell and get their take on it. I’m personally not in favor of government regulating things, but I will listen to the citizens of Caldwell County,”  Thomas said.

Thomas says the county has close to 13,000 people, and he wants to hear from more of them. He says it will take several months before a potential measure comes before the fiscal court. Drug abuse and obesity concerns also ranked high on the health survey.