Cinema Internation Shows Japanese Film Sweet Bean

Feb 3, 2017


Tracy Ross talks about this week's Cinema International feature, the Japanese film Sweet Bean, with Gabrielle Tinebra, German and Japanese Education major at Murray State, and Dr. Therese St. Paul, Director of Cinema International.


Dr. St. Paul says Cinema International tries to represent all the languages taught in MSU's Modern Languages Department, and Sweet Bean is a poetic film that teaches about Japanese culture.

The film focuses around a Japanese man who runs a confectionery shop that is struggling until an older woman comes on the scene with her secret recipe for sweet bean paste. Tinebra says the director fills each scene with purpose. Unlike American films, it is very slow and drawn out with a heavy focus on symbolism.


Cinema International shows Sweet Bean tonight and tomorrow beginning at 7:30 p.m. at the Curris Center Theater.