Christian County School Board Considers Closing Lacy Elementary

May 14, 2013


Five of six Christian County School Board redistricting plans include closing Lacy Elementary School. The proposals discussed at a school board meeting last night aim to control facility costs while attempting to zone students closer to their homes.

Superintendent Mary Ann Gemmill said that the board did not vote on the proposal and redistricting discussions are not included in the board's next meeting agenda. Communications director Heather Aubin said the proposals include closing one to four elementary schools including Lacy, Belmont, Indian Hills and Holiday and restructuring middle schools.

“Some of them do include closing of some schools or moving students, such as sixth graders who are currently in a middle school building, and reverting those back into elementary schools," said Aubin.

Aubin said if the board decides to redistrict, the plan would take a few years to implement but some scenarios would see changes the next school year.

The district’s Chief Operating Officer told the Kentucky New Era, if the board decides to close the school the decision would need to happen in two weeks.