Cherry, Winters Discuss 2012 Ky. Election Results

Nov 7, 2012

Ken Winters, left, speaks with Chad Lampe.

Princeton's retiring democratic State Representative Mike Cherry says President Barack Obama’s unpopularity in western Kentucky made a difference in state races. Four of five open races in western Kentucky, including Cherry’s fourth district seat, went to Republicans.

Sixty-percent of Kentucky voters chose Mitt Romney for president, and Cherry says sentiment against Obama put western Kentucky Democrats at a disadvantage.

“Now we’ll never know how much of a contributor, but certainly, certainly a contributor, and certainly the Repulican party did a good job of the linkage between the democratic candidates and Obama," said Cherry.

State GOP-funded television, radio and mail pieces tied western Kentucky democrats to Obama. Cherry and outgoing Senator Ken Winters were on WKMS’s Sounds Good today to talk about election results.

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