Charter Schools Fail in Senate Committee

Murray, KY – An amendment to allow Charter Schools in Kentucky failed to make it out of the senate education committee Wednesday.The proposal was intended to strengthen the state's application for federal Race to the Top Funds. Senate Education Committee Chair Senator Ken Winters of Murray voted yes for the legislation that died with a split vote. The plan failed because it was pushed through too hastily without across the state approval.

"If there are districts that would not be supportive of the over all initiative because of that one element, then the lack of participation by the various districts around the state might decrease and that might send a message that would damage the potential to get the money." Winters Said

Senator Winters says it's unclear if the exclusion of Charter Schools will affect the state's chances of receiving 245-million dollars in federal stimulus funds to help persistently low achieving schools. Winter's says it's likely the legislature vote on the Charter School issue again in future.