Catfish to Caviar - Heirloom Veggies

Murray, KY – Heirloom vegetables -- those old, open pollinated varieties that have stood the test of time -- have become popular all over again, and for good reason. The best of them are among the finest vegetables ever known. They would be well worth growing for their mouth-watering flavors alone, but they also have other important qualities. Heirlooms are living artifacts. Popular in living history exhibits, these old-time varieties offer a glimpse of life in earlier times. Heirloom veggies - on today's Catfish to Caviar.

Click the "Listen" icon above to hear Catfish to Caviar. Johanna Rhodes is co-owner of Etcetera Coffeehouse and Art Gallery in Paducah's Lowertown. Chef Denise Gordon also lives in Paducah.