Broadband Fiber Optic Service Expanding for Rural Areas

Jan 10, 2013

Fiber Optic Cable
Credit Wikimedia Commons

A major project to install fiber optic broadband service in western Kentucky and northwestern Tennessee is nearing its midpoint. West Kentucky and Tennessee Telecom crews have finished installation in the Graves County towns of Fancy Farm, Wingo, and Farmington, reaching more than 2,000 rural customers.

WK&T Marketing and Sales manager Michael Lee says they’re nearing completion of their first Tennessee upgrade. He says,

“The biggest bulk of the work that’s currently going on and will be for the month of January will be in the Puryear, Tennessee area. We have a goal to finish that before the end of January.”

WK&T is using about 120 million dollars in government loans and grants to make the upgrades. Lee says the fiber optic lines are more than 20 times faster than the old copper lines. He says they plan to finish upgrading all 21,000 WK&T customers by the end of next year.