Bible Literacy

Frankfort, KY – Bible literacy legislation is on its way to the full senate. The measure unanimously passed the senate education committee Thursday. It allows school councils to establish elective Bible courses. Frankfort Senator Julian Carrol is co-sponsoring the legislation.

"All we have to deal with is to make sure that it's not taught as a faith based course and rather that it's taught as a historical document."

Bill sponsor Dave Boswell says focus is on 'teaching it' and not 'preaching it.' Louisville senator Gerald Neal worries some teachers may not heed that advice.

"There are teachers I know that would probably cross the line in terms of prosilitizing in the framework of this particular type of bill."

Neal may offer an amendment so other, non-Christian religious texts, can be taught. He says he will not bring the amendment, in his words, 'without senator's Boswell's blessing.'