Alcohol Referendum on Sebree Ballot

Nov 5, 2012

Another western Kentucky city holds an alcohol vote tomorrow. Sebree residents choose whether to allow liquor by the drink sales, at the same time they choose a president and fill a slate of local seats. The measure would only allow alcohol sales at restaurants that seat more than 50 people and derive at least 70 percent of their gross receipts from food sales. Drinks would be served only in conjunction with meals.

Webster County Clerk Valerie Newell expects a 55 to 58 percent voter turnout county-wide, with a little bit higher in Sebree. Newell did not have the exact numbers of registered voters in the city. The 2010 U. S. Census data counted a little over 1,600 people living in Sebree. Murray and Princeton residents both voted to go wet this summer. A county-wide alcohol vote failed in Marshall County.