AG Conway Offers to Assist With Pilot Hemp Project

Feb 14, 2014

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway is offering to assist hemp supporters as the state prepares for the start of a hemp-growing pilot program this year.  The pilot projects were made possible by the passage of the United States Farm Bill that was signed into law by the President on Feb. 7.

Friday’s announcement reflects cooperation between Democratic Conway and Republican Agriculture Commissioner James Comer. Both are potential gubernatorial candidates next year. 

“I appreciate Commissioner Comer understanding the concerns of law enforcement officers and ensuring that any future expansion would address their concerns,” Attorney General Conway said.

Conway will contact federal border patrol officials to ensure hemp seeds are legally imported. He also pledged to help pursue a federal waiver to allow for the expansion of hemp production for commercial uses. 

“The cooperation between agriculture and law enforcement is a critical element of moving this industry forward,” Comer said. “I appreciate Attorney General Conway’s willingness to open the lines of communication and help us overcome the legal obstacles to this new market for Kentucky farmers.”

The new federal farm bill gives the go-ahead for pilot programs in states that already allow the growing of hemp, though federal drug law has blocked cultivation in most states.