Adkins Wants Partisan Political Climate

Nov 8, 2011

Frankfort, KY – Kentucky voters are choosing state leaders for the next four years on this Election Day. But with the legislative session on the horizon, it will likely be politics as usual in Frankfort. Democratic House Majority Floor Leader Rocky Adkins says regardless of who wins the governor's race, he'll be pushing for bipartisanship.

"You know I am hopeful that we can come together after this election. Will there be disagreement? Sure there will be disagreements. But I am hopeful that we can work together in a very bipartisan way. And I know from a personal standpoint that's going to be my goal and that's going to be my agenda is to try to bring people together and that's part of my responsibility in my position."

In January lawmakers will tackle a two-year budget and legislative redistricting. Both may require a special session to reach agreement between the Democratic-controlled House and the Republican majority in the Senate.