Stu Johnson (KPR)

Kentucky Public Radio Correspondent

Stu Johnson is a reporter/producer at WEKU in Lexington, Kentucky.

Stu Johnson, WEKU News

Hundreds of students, the majority from private schools, rallied at the capitol Thursday as part of National School Choice Week.  Kentucky lawmakers could take up legislation to support expanding opportunities for students to attend private schools. 

Stu Johnson, WEKU News

The Kentucky Senate has voted to require abstinence be included in any sex education course taught in public schools.  

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The House Judiciary Committee has acted unanimously to criminalize what has typically been termed “revenge porn”.  The measure includes penalties for distributors and web sites which knowingly post such material.

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  The Kentucky Senate voted 32 to five Wednesday to require the inclusion of abstinence based instruction in any sex education course in public schools.


  State health officials are now describing flu activity across Kentucky as an epidemic.

Stu Johnson, WEKU News

A statewide coalition seeking to see at least a dollar increase in the state cigarette tax is stressing the health problems associated with smoking during pregnancy.  A leader in the effort still believes the proposed tax hike could get a vote in the current legislative session.


A moment of silence was held Tuesday afternoon in the Kentucky Senate to recognize the loss of life and injuries in the Marshall County School shooting.

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Now that Governor Bevin has offered his two year budget for review, the state’s 138 lawmakers will begin their work, culminating with floor votes in each chamber.

Stu Johnson, WEKU News

With just under three weeks of Kentucky legislative activity on the books, leaders of the General Assembly remain unsure when action on pension reforms will occur. No pension bill has been filed thus far in the House or Senate.

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Monday will mark the beginning of the fourth week of the 2018 Kentucky General Assembly.

Lawmakers will return next week, still not sure when they will be voting on what legislative leaders say is one of the highest priorities, changes to the pension systems.