John Dressler

Host of Classical Encore

John Dressler is a professor of music at Murray State University. He joined MSU in 1989 after receiving his Masters and Doctorate at Indiana University. John's areas of interest include french horn, musicology and world civilization. His personal works include performances with Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, a featured soloist for the International Horn Society Conference, and "Recording Reviews" in the Journal of the International Horn Society volumes 33 and 34. John is now the host of Classical Encore, Sunday nights on WKMS.

Classical Encore

Host and Professor of Music, Dr. John Dressler offers and additional two hours of classical music favorites at 5 am and 11 pm Saturdays. Also, this program rebroadcasts throughout the week on our all-classical HD2 channel. Dressler has a passion for British music and has just completed several weeks of research in London for a book he's writing on British Film Composers.