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Tennessee's attorney general has agreed that the state will drop two abortion limits. Herbert Slatery’s decision was contained in federal court filings on Thursday.

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Forty people from 25 countries have taken the oath to become U.S. citizens during a ceremony in Kentucky's Capitol.

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  The Illinois Prisoner Review Board is being asked to intervene on behalf of an Army veteran with a green card who faces deportation because of a 2008 drug conviction.

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A man charged with killing two Fort Campbell soldiers and wounding a juvenile in a domestic dispute has pleaded not guilty. 

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Kentucky lawmakers have voted to include the phrase "in the year of our Lord" on some of their documents. 

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The sponsor of a bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks in Tennessee has delayed the legislation for a week to give lawmakers a chance to read the opinion of the attorney general, who has called sections "constitutionally suspect." 

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Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell's effort to strip any fuel tax increases from fellow Republican Gov. Bill Haslam's road funding proposal has fizzled — at least for now.

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A Tennessee House panel has narrowly voted down a push to offer in-state tuition rates to public college students whose parents brought them to the country illegally, drawing tears from some students in the room.

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A Republican bill in Tennessee that would exempt churches from having to report campaign spending on "public or private morality" has been withdrawn.

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Federal housing officials say they plan to relocate 185 families from two southern Illinois public housing developments that have been plagued by problems, including poor heating and mold.