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11:57 am
Mon April 11, 2011

Commentary: Safely Navigating the Waterways

Alan Wade

Murray, KY – Navigational rules make our lakes safer. U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary member Alan Wade reflects on what boaters need to learn before hitting the lakes.

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2:42 pm
Fri April 8, 2011

FLW Outdoors Fishing Report 5: 2011 College Fishing National Championship

Scott Ellison

Murray, KY – Commentator Scott Ellison on this week's National Guard/FLW College Fishing National Championship competition and festival based at Murray State's CFSB Center. He talks about the College Fishing National Championship competition on Kentucky Lake, about the anglers and the festival at the CFSB Center in Murray.

Scott Ellison is a lifelong fisherman and FLW Outdoors College Fishing Promotions Manager.


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1:41 pm
Fri April 1, 2011

Commentary: Boating Safely in Cold Weather

Al Wade

Kuttawa, Ky – Our waterways hold danger in cold weather. Alan Wade is a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, and next he reviews facts about hypothermia, cold shock, and tips to remember before setting out when it's cold.

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2:45 pm
Thu March 31, 2011

FLW Outdoors Fishing Report 4: Balmy weather helps fishing

Scott Ellison

Murray, KY –

Scott Ellison here with the FLW Outdoors Lakeland Fishing Report

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1:28 pm
Fri March 25, 2011

The Effects of Water Levels on Safe Boating

Al Wade

Kuttawa, Ky – Those bathtub rings on the shorelines of our lakes testify to changing lake levels. Alan Wade is a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, and next he explains how varying water levels affect boating.

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2:35 pm
Mon March 21, 2011

Commentary: Justice Cunningham on city preservation

Justice Bill Cunningham,

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1:01 pm
Fri March 18, 2011

Commentary: Ending the exploitation of women

Richard Nelson

Murray, KY – Last month, Senate Bill 9 - also known as The Ultrasound Bill - and several other pro-life measures that would strengthen the Kentucky's abortion laws were struck down by the Health and Welfare Committee. Commentator Richard Nelson says the denial of ultrasound informed consent treats Kentucky women as second-class citizens.

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2:28 am
Wed March 16, 2011

FLW Outdoors Fishing Report 3: High Water Remains an Issue

Scott Ellison

Murray, KY – Part 3 of the FLW Outdoors Fishing Report. Bass and crappie fishing in our region should be improving soon, but high water is an issue. Here's Scott Ellison with more.

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2:17 am
Sat March 12, 2011

FLW Outdoors Fishing Report 2: Early Angling

Scott Ellison

Murray, KY – Part 2 of the weekly FLW Outdoors Fishing Report, with Scott Ellison. Fisherman are getting restless, but today we hear about a few anglers getting out there and what they've caught.


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4:03 pm
Tue March 8, 2011

Commentary: Kentucky's First Ever Crane Hunt

Happy Chambers at WKMS

Murray, KY – The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources has proposed a "first ever" hunting season on sandhill cranes to begin during the 2011/2012 hunting season. Hap Chambers is a volunteer with the US Fish and Wildlife Service at Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge Environmental Education Program with more about the crane hunt.

I am here to speak to you about sandhill cranes

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