Yeiser Art Center

8:00 pm
Fri August 10, 2012

“A Futile Armada” at Yeiser Art Center

Paducah’s Yeiser Art Center opens a solo exhibition of Southern Indiana artist Rob Millard-Mendez later this month. Much of the sculpture in his show harkens back to his youth onboard his father’s fishing boat in Massachusetts.  Millard-Mendez blends a wry sense of humor with an unusual amount of depth in his work. Drew Adams speaks with Mendez about his work and sense of humor.

The opening reception for Rob Millard Mendez’s “A Futile Armada” is Saturday August 18th at Paducah’s Yeiser Art Center.

4:26 pm
Fri June 22, 2012

Doodling becomes a Yeiser attraction

When a business meeting gets particularly boring, your pen starts to wander. Curlicues, horses and airplanes appear, scrawled along the margins of your notes, but as you doodle, are you really creating art? According to the Yeiser Art Center, you are. Once a month this year, local interior designer Bill Ford has held doodling workshops for children in the center, and he recently held his first class for adults. Casey Northcutt has more on an art form spawned from boredom.

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Front Page Episodes
11:22 am
Fri April 13, 2012

Fantastic Fibers Exhibits Non-Traditional Mediums

Big Daddy, by Lora Rocke

Recently the Yeiser Art Center opened a competitive exhibition featuring not a drop of paint. The artists’ works deal in the tactile, pliable and stitchable. Fantastic Fibers welcomes the work of non-traditional artists from around the globe.  In preparation for the exhibition, WKMS' Drew Adams spoke to Lora Rocke, a former winner of Fantastic Fibers and a contributing artist this year. When Lora isn’t in her Nebraska studio, she spends her time creating quilts, teaching workshops and lecturing across the country.

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