yard sale


  A statewide yard sale stretching across Kentucky’s Historic Highway 68 begins Thursday, June 2.  The annual 400 mile event starts in Paducah and ends in Maysville.

A proposed ordinance in Paris, Tennessee could put an end to what locals call perpetual yard sales. City Manager Carl Holder says some people were running the yard sales like a business, and it was becoming an eyesore. He says,

“The problem is that very often they simply throw a tarp on them and leave them out there sometimes for weeks or months. So it is the purpose of the ordinance to limit the number of times a year you can have a yard sale…”

Citywide yard sale set for Murray

Aug 29, 2012
Murray Convention & Visitor's Bureau

Next month, bargain hunters from around the region will be able to shop all of Murray during its Fall Citywide Yard Sale. The date for this year's event is set for September 15th.  Those interested in selling items must send in a $10 entry fee to be listed on a map. The fee will go toward the city's July Fourth celebrations.  For out-of-towners or those who don't want to sell from their homes, parking lot spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  You can find more information and this year's application here.