The president of Western Kentucky University unveiled phase two of the school’s budget cuts on Thursday, a result of reductions in state funding to higher education, increased pension obligations, and declining enrollment.


  A new fellowship program at Western Kentucky University aims to prepare students with autism to enter the workforce by providing broadcasting experience.

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  Western Kentucky University has a new women’s head basketball coach.

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Western Kentucky University President Timothy Caboni has emailed WKU employees the recommendations made by the school's budget council on how to handle a major budget shortfall, reduced state support for higher education, and increased pension obligations.

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  The Western Kentucky University student newspaper has received a grant to help cover the legal expenses related to the school’s ongoing lawsuit against the paper.


Western Kentucky University is asking a court to put its lawsuit against the student newspaper on hold.  WKU is suing the College Heights Herald over an open records request into the school’s sexual misconduct investigations. 

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The Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education has approved a three to five percent limit on tuition increases for the upcoming school year. 

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  A bill in the Kentucky General Assembly would allow concealed carry permit holders to bring their weapons on to college campuses.  Proponents say that would prevent school shootings, or stop them once they began.  Mitch Walker is the interim police chief at Western Kentucky University.  He said he doesn’t think concealed carry training is extensive enough.



Western Kentucky University President Gary Ransdell is preparing to write a new chapter in his higher education career.  Dr. Ransdell will retire from WKU on June 30 after leading the school for two decades. 

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The man picked to be Western Kentucky University’s next president says every employee’s mission must be to help students attain a degree.