WKMS Fundraiser

Thank You! WKMS Fall Fundraiser Goal Met!

Sep 30, 2016

What an exhilarating week of our on air pledge drive, sharing with our listening community why public radio is an asset to the region. Listeners, sustainers, new friends and long time friends, underwriters and volunteers have come together to raise $130,000 for WKMS. 

Support WKMS And Win This Bike!

Aug 18, 2016

Want to feel good knowing that you’ve made a difference for your station? Want to win a bike at the same time? The fall fundraiser is on and its time to give! It takes every listener giving any amount to make the programs you rely on possible. 

Our longtime friends at Gear Up Cycles donated a Specialized bike that you could win. We're so grateful for their support and for YOURS too! Because every gift matters.

Rob Canning, WKMS

WKMS listeners raised just over $130,000 in essential community support for their public radio home this past week.

Dana Hopkins

WKMS listeners across the region raised $125,000 in community support this fall, finishing the on-air portion of the drive strong on Wednesday, September 30, 2015. Together, listeners cut on-air fundraising by two days. 

Dana Hopkins

After a whirlwind All Things Considered and a rush through the first half of Marketplace, on Wednesday, September 30, WKMS listeners have reached goal, ending yet another pledge drive early, raising over $125,000 in community support!

Matt Markgraf, WKMS

It's been quite a week. In the past 5 days, you've raised over $100,000 for WKMS programming!

That means we're less than $23,000 away from meeting our goal for necessary broadcast expenses and ending this entire fundraiser.

So we think you've earned a little break. We'll be going silent today, giving you your Sunday programs free of interruption. 


In a flurry of calls just before 8 a.m. on Morning Edition, listeners have come together to finish the WKMS Spring Fundraiser in a record 6 days, raising $110,000 in community support! What a great way to celebrate 45 years of being on the air. We're still sounding good because our listeners keep it that way. Thank you to everyone who gave this Spring, to our Sustaining members who give all year, to everyone who gave before the on air drive got started, to our Underwriters, to our Volunteers, to our food and gift donors, and to our licensee Murray State University. We're here for you and because of you. Excellent work everyone. Get some rest, keep listening, and make great radio!

Want to go above and beyond? You can still click here to give

Public radio is all about exploration.

You discover new stories, blaze new trails, and aren't afraid to push a little further.

Now you can exercise your body as well as your mind.

Everyone who gives this spring to keep the WKMS broadcast signal strong (including our sustaining members!) will be entered in the drawing for this Specialized mountain bike from Gear Up Cycles in Murray (a $700 value). 

There's nothing like the sound of vinyl, or the shows you love on WKMS. Now you can combine your love for the two!

When you give early, you keep our on-air fundraiser short – so you can hear more of the uninterrupted public radio programming you love. And now, as an added bonus, when you pledge before April 17, you’re automatically entered into the drawing for our "Retro Package" including a Crosley turntable and a stack of vinyl records including albums from The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and The Grateful Dead. 

Today near the end of the first hour of All Things Considered, a flurry of phones rang from listeners ending our holiday fund drive! With over $20,000 raised, we are excited to wrap up 2014 strong and can't wait to continue bringing you quality public radio in 2015. Your gifts pay for the programming and equipment that allow us to stay on air and for that, we are extremely grateful. Thank you. Happy holidays from WKMS!