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A sweeping criminal justice bill has been filed in the Kentucky General Assembly. It aims to provide workforce training for state prisoners, fight drug addiction and increase penalties for some crimes.

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The convicted felon whose emotional testimony convinced a Republican western Kentucky lawmaker to change his mind and led to the adoption of an expungement law has had his criminal record officially cleared by a judge. 

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A Christian County lawmaker says it’s unfortunate that the relationship between the Governor and Attorney General is off to such a bad start. 

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West Powell, a man convicted of stealing car radios 27 years ago changed Republican State Senator Whitney Westerfield’s mind on expungement. 

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The Kentucky Senate adopted a resolution Tuesday recognizing Hopkinsville as the “best place on Earth” to view next year’s total solar eclipse.

The resolution was introduced by 3rd District state Sen. Whitney Westerfield.


Update: The Kentucky Senate has passed House Bill 40, which allows for the expungement of some Class D felonies from criminal records. The bill now heads back to the House.

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Juveniles sending nude images of themselves or others via computer or smart phone could be charged with a misdemeanor under a bill passed in the Kentucky Senate Thursday. Currently, such an act is a felony, which bill proponents say judges are hesitant to enforce. 

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A measure that would reduce the punishment for Kentucky minors who send nude photos of themselves online or by cellphone is moving through the state legislature.

Under current law, people under the age of 18 who engage in so-called sexting can be charged with a felony. 

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A bill that would increase restrictions on hydrocodone derivatives and ban three other substances in the commonwealth has cleared the Kentucky Senate.

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The state Senate on Tuesday approved striking from the budget a portion of the state’s contribution to Planned Parenthood, with the bill’s supporters pointing to the Louisville branch’s recent efforts to begin providing abortions.