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Webster County Jail

Kentucky State Police are investigating a stabbing death in Webster County. 

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A plastic manufacturing plant in Webster County will invest $600,000 for renovations and create 17 full-time jobs.

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Authorities say child porn charges against a Kentucky middle school teacher sparked an investigation that led to the arrests of another teacher and an assistant police chief. 

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State police have issued a warning about counterfeit bills being circulated in western Kentucky.


Federal investigators have concluded that a worker crushed to death by a machine at a western Kentucky coal mine wasn't wearing an emergency shut-off device, and that his managers had not provided a way to securely attach it.  

Kentucky Lieutenant Governor's Office

Kentucky’s Lieutenant Governor toured a coal mine and invited high school students to participate in her entrepreneurship competition Wednesday in western Kentucky.

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Governor Matt Bevin has appointed a new Judge Executive of Webster County. Stephen Henry of Providence replaces James Townsend, who has resigned. 

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Trigg and Webster Counties are among six in the commonwealth to receive grant funding for fixing county roads.

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The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources has closed the Old Eastwood Ferry Boat Ramp on the Green River in Webster County because of damage to the concrete.


An investigation into an accident that killed a coal miner in Western Kentucky last year found he was crushed after workers propped up an 18-ton machine with a stack of wooden boards that gave way.