VMV Paducahbilt

John Paul Henry, WKMS

  National Railway Equipment Company in Paducah is laying off 65 of their 110 employees on January 31st. NRE General Counsel Hal Burgan said the large cut is due to many different factors, including low scrap metal prices and a dying coal industry.

Burgan said the company has a couple million dollars in outstanding bids, and if that if they land a good share of them they will be able to get those laid-off back to work.

VMV Paducahbilt Is Alive And Growing

Mar 3, 2013
John Paul Henry

VMV Paducahbilt, a subsidiary of National Railway Equipment, is one of the oldest locomotive factories in America and one of the largest suppliers of locomotives in the world. Built in 1925 by the Illinois Central Railroad, this factory hasn’t shut its doors in 85 years. The facility, located off Kentucky Avenue, is a testament to how big rail is alive and growing.