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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin caught his fellow Republicans by surprise with another round of vetoes, this time targeting a half-dozen bills passed at the end of this year's legislative session.

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Kentucky's Republican governor has vetoed the state's two-year operating budget and a corresponding tax increase.

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The Republican-led Kentucky legislature yesterday voted overwhelmingly to override all four of Gov. Matt Bevin’s vetoes to bills put on his desk so far this year.

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Update: Senate lawmakers have voted to override Gov. Matt Bevin's vetoes on mental health treatment and naming various roads. House lawmakers have voted to override Bevin's vetoes involving drones and Volkswagen settlement money.

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Republican Gov. Matt Bevin has vetoed three bills and a portion of a fourth bill passed by the new GOP-controlled legislature. 

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A state judge has dismissed a lawsuit from former House Speaker Greg Stumbo challenging the legality of Governor Matt Bevin's budget vetoes. 

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Democratic House Speaker Greg Stumbo is suing Republican Gov. Matt Bevin, saying the governor didn’t properly deliver vetoes to the Secretary of State at the end of this year’s legislative session.

Kentucky lawmakers have one more legislative day in their calendar this year, but they likely won’t spend it overriding vetoed bills. Governor Steve Beshear spent most of yesterday signing bills into law. And outside of the almost mandatory line item vetoes every governor has in budget bills, Beshear says he doesn’t expect to use his veto pen. That means dozens of bills passed this session will go onto the books. This includes bills allowing new districts of innovation for local school districts, the elimination of confederate pensions and new restrictions on pseudoephedrine purchases.