US Postal Service

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Some Murray Electric customers are not getting their bills through the mail, and the utility hasn’t been getting payments either.

General Manager Tony Thompson says the issue began at the end of March. He says the utility is investigating the matter, especially since it didn’t receive payment from several of its large commercial customers.

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Changes to the Paducah post office are starting this weekend with all mail processing moving to the Evansville, Indiana, location after today.

American Postal Workers Union Local 2500 Vice President Gerl McKinney said that change could add one or more days to delivery times in the region, which could be critical for some.

Mail delivery times could lengthen in the Purchase area with the oncoming closure of Paducah’s processing plant.

The US Postal Service announced the consolidation of more than 80 mail facilities this week.

A new plan could keep small town post offices open despite big service cuts in the U.S. Postal Service. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe says the plan would modify office hours in rural areas to match customer demand. 

The U.S. Post Office will close the mail distribution plant in Paducah sometime after May 15. The USPS announced the closure after a months long study on downsizing. The Postal Service is merging the plant’s operations with the Evansville, Indiana plant. Local American Postal Workers Union President Gerl McKinney says the loss of the Paducah facility will be bad for local businesses. He says,