US Olympic Trials

Only a few Olympians have walked the halls of Murray State University in its nearly 90 year history. The rifle team has seen a handful. MSU’s shooting range is named for Pat Spurgin who won Gold in the 1984 Olympics, heading up a team of four Racer’s who competed that year. They were followed 20 years later by Morgan Hicks who also competed in the rifle competition. But outside of shooting, there has only been one other MSU Olympic athlete. Heather Samuel went to Murray State from 1991 to 1994, running and jumping for the track team. She set numerous OVC records, and she competed in the 2000 Olympics. Now, two decades after Samuel attended Murray State, another runner hopes to follow in her footsteps. Alexis Love is competing in the Olympic Trials this week in Eugene, Oregon. Gary Pitts has this peek into the training routine of MSU’s Olympic hopeful.