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  Two colleges at the University of Kentucky are working together to expand health and safety related education offered to farmers and their families.

University of Kentucky

  In addition to a general warming trend, growers across the Commonwealth are witnessing a more variable climate for crop production. That’s according to Dave Van Sanford, a plant and soil science professor at the University of Kentucky. His department was recently awarded a $120 thousand dollar grant from the USDA to observe resistant wheat varieties in warming environments.

University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture

  University of Kentucky Officials are looking to spend $16-million  to expand a Caldwell County research center to become the Kentucky Grains Center of Excellence.

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The second year of Kentucky's research hemp production is underway. 

The planting season officially kicked off Thursday at the University of Kentucky demonstration site.  Statewide, about a thousand acres of hemp will be planted, compared to 33 acres last season.  

What Just Bit Me? Biting Flies Explained

Aug 26, 2014
R. Bessin, University of Kentucky

You're going for a walk through your neighborhood and suddenly a large horse fly starts buzzing aggressively around your head. Or maybe you're sitting at a picnic table and you have to keep shifting your legs because a little deer fly bites at your ankle. UK Research and Education Center at Princeton's entomologist Dr. Doug Johnson briefs us on the family Tabanidae, or biting flies, on Sounds Good.

Experts Recommend Rotating Graze to Deal with Weather

Jun 25, 2012

Experts at the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture say the exceptionally dry conditions mean farmers should consider a rotational grazing system for their livestock.