People getting federal extended unemployment benefits can continue claiming them for at least another year. The Emergency Unemployment Compensation program was set to expire Dec. 29, but Congress has extended the program through Jan. 1, 2014.

Tennessee Unemployment Claimants Must Keep Logs

Aug 27, 2012

Beginning September 1st, anyone claiming Tennessee unemployment benefits will have to show they’re actively looking for work, including keeping a work search log.  According to state Department of Labor and Workforce Development, claimants will be required to conduct three work searches each week.   A list of valid work search activity is available on the department's website or at the nearest Tennessee Career Center.  Labor and Workforce Development officials will conduct random audits of a thousand claimants' work search documentation each week to verify activity.

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Unemployment is down in most Commonwealth counties.

U.S. DOE settles with Bechtel Jacobs over radioactive waste disposal at USEC.


Kentucky’s latest unemployment figures show widespread improvement in July. The Office of Employment and Training reports jobless rates fell in 97 counties. Rates increased or were unchanged elsewhere.  


You know, claiming credit for someone else's work can get you into some serious trouble.

NPR reports 40,000 year old cave paintings in Spain may not have been done by homo sapiens. Neanderthals want credit given, where credit is due.

Tennessee Unemployment Rate Lowest Since Recession

Apr 19, 2012

Tennessee’s unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since November 2008. The drop in March to 7.9 percent marks the eighth straight month of decline. Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Karla Davis says the state lost jobs in March, but the number of unemployed declined at a faster rate. The national unemployment average is 8.2 percent. 

Afternoon Round-Up 4/19/12

Apr 19, 2012

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State Legislation:

Kentucky Senate President David Williams says Governor Steve Beshear’s latest action on the state road plan will not lead to an extended special session.

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The Kentucky Senate has passed an amended bill that would help the state repay interest on a federal unemployment insurance loan.

And despite concerns that the Senate amendments would derail the proposal, the bill’'s original House sponsor has agreed to the changes.

Kentucky Jobless Rates are Falling

Mar 22, 2012

Kentucky’s jobless rate has fallen to 8.7 percent.  That's according to February statistics released today by the Office of Employment and Training. Unemployment has been in a slow decline for eight consecutive months in the commonwealth. It's down from 1.1 percent a year ago. For February, seven of the state's eleven major nonfarm job sectors reported increases in employment.

Tennessee's Jobless Face New Requirements for Benefits

Mar 20, 2012

Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Karla Davis has warned the state's 56,000 unemployment claimants they’ll soon be required to prove they’re looking for work.  Davis says beginning in April, claimants also will be required to meet face-to-face with state job service employees.  She says the new requirements will make sure claimants are on track to find employment and not get caught off-guard when their benefits expire.  The U.S. Department of Labor issued the new guidelines.