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Kentucky State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach is urging residents across the Commonwealth to be alert for scams involving unclaimed property.  Hollenbach says several business firms are using the Freedom of Information Act to obtain unclaimed property owner information. He says their intent is to sell individuals an unclaimed property search. 


Today on NPR:

Apparently, male snails make good adoptive fathers.

In Kentucky:

The Commonwealth, and a liquor store, are trying to block alcohol sales in groceries.

Illinois treasurer has $1.6B in unclaimed property

Sep 6, 2012
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Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford is asking residents to go online and find out if they or their relatives can claim any of the $1.6 billion in unclaimed property being held by the state.  Abandoned bank accounts, stocks, items in safe-deposit boxes and other unclaimed property are turned over to the treasurer’s office when the owners can't be found.  The treasurer's I-Cash program attempts to return property to the rightful owners or their heirs. Last year, it returned more than $100 million worth of property.