The Tennessee Valley Authority is seeking public input on a draft of its 2015 Integrated Resource Plan. 

 The IRP details various scenarios and strategies TVA may face through 2033 as it focuses on relying more on nuclear power and less on coal.

TVA produces an IRP every five years with the last one in 2011, but Vice President of Stakeholder Relations Joe Hoagland says fundamental changes in environmental policy and the utility industry have prompted an updated plan now.

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With what could become record cold weather on the way, Murray State University plans to avert potential power outages with its generator system.


With temperatures forecast to dip below zero degrees Wednesday night, Tennessee Valley Authority officials are making sure they have enough power on reserve to meet peak demands.


With the National Weather Service Calling for a low of 4 degrees Wednesday night, the Tennessee Valley Authority is preparing for power consumption levels comparable to last January when the utility saw record winter demand.


Murray State University plans to be better prepared this winter to prevent another campus-wide power outage that caused hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage last year.

MSU’s contract with the TVA requires the university to power down during times of high demand in return for a price discount.


The Tennessee Valley Authority board decided unanimously today to retrofit two units at the Shawnee Fossil Fuel Plant near Paducah.

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  The federal government has released the nation’s first-ever rules on how to handle, store and dispose of waste from coal-fired power plants. The final iteration of the regulations has largely disappointed environmental groups—who hoped for more stringent rules. Industry groups were more optimistic, but largely said they would have preferred the Environmental Protection Agency not finalize the rules at all and leave the matter up to Congress. The EPA was choosing between two options, and chose to regulate coal ash as akin to household garbage, rather than hazardous waste.


A Tennessee Valley Authority Board discussion on the future of the Shawnee Fossil Plant prompted a faction of Paducah officials to attend the meeting and issue comments. The comments involve the fate of 2 of 9 functioning units at the plant.

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Tennessee Valley Authority fuel prices are the lowest they’ve been since the agency began recording them four years ago.

TVA Spokesman Scott Brooks says the average wholesale cost per kilowatt hour in November is 7 cents. He added that the fuel price is passed on to consumers and makes up about a third of the wholesale price. For November, Brooks says fuel cost is 1.8 cents out of the 7 cents wholesale price.

Paducah Power System

The Paducah Power System board is seeking a search firm to find General Manager Dave Clark’s replacement following Tuesday’s board meeting. Clark’s resignation comes a week after Ray McClennan stepped down as chair and member of the board. McLennan had called for Clark to resign, but no board members made a motion to do so at the time.