The Tennessee Valley Authority says its chief operating officer will retire at the end of the year.  

Chip Pardee has been at TVA since 2013.

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The Tennessee Valley Authority will move forward with a plan to permanently store coal ash and other coal combustion residuals on TVA property at 10 locations. 

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The Tennessee Valley Authority is joining forces with four airports and FedEx to replace some of their diesel-powered ground support equipment with more environmentally friendly gear. 

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Construction at a combined cycle gas plant in Muhlenberg County is nearly 75% complete


Kentucky is still several months away from implementing the federal coal ash disposal regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency last year.


The Tennessee Valley Authority is proposing to build a facility to remove and recirculate water used in coal ash management at a Paducah area site. TVA is seeking public comment on potential environmental impacts of this facility at the Shawnee Fossil Plant. 

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The Tennessee Valley Authority has moved to eventually ban all floating homes on public waters in what members called their most contested issue in recent years.  

The TVA board of directors met Thursday at Paris Landing State Resort Park.


The Tennessee Valley Authority is looking to adopt new policy on the permission of Floating Homes upon public waters.  

The TVA Board of Director's next meeting is May 5th at Paris Landing State Park Conference Center, Room C, 400 Lodge Road, Buchanan, Tennessee. 

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The Tennessee Valley Authority and the Department of the Navy broke ground Friday on a project in western Tennessee that will eventually be the state’s largest solar facility.

The ceremony was held in conjunction with Earth Day. Construction won't begin in earnest until sometime next year at the Shelby County site, north of Memphis,  which will cover 400 acres with 580,000 solar panels.

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Tennessee Valley Authority reports a record low fuel cost. Public relations officer Scott Brooks says that should be reflected in customers’ bills.