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Governor Matt Bevin, via Facebook, cropped

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin blasted the director of the school superintendents organization for wanting schools to be closed for a day so that teachers can protest against the governor's pension reform plan. 

Daderot, Wikimedia Commons

Legislation that would exempt officials with some Kentucky school construction projects from paying the prevailing wage easily cleared a senate committee today.  

The State Senate Budget Committee approved the legislation that exempts school construction projects that cost $250,000 or more from paying prevailing wage.  

Bill Sponsor Wil Schroder told members more work could be done for less money, without jeopardizing the quality of the project.  


A new report from the Council for Better Education shows that Kentucky’s public education system is below funding levels compared to the national average.  

The Adequacy for Excellence in Kentucky funding study is an independent review conducted by education research group Picus Odden & Associates.

The study was funded by the CBE.

The Council for Better Education is asking its members to help fund another study to demonstrate how Kentucky’s education system is being underfunded.