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The Tennessee state Senate has passed a bill that would force people who sue state employees or elected officials to pay legal fees if they fail in a lawsuit. 


A bill seeking to allow Tennessee cities to ban guns from being carried at ticketed events has failed in a House subcommittee. 

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A House subcommittee has shot down a bill to require background checks for all gun purchases in Tennessee.

One of the most powerful figures in Tennessee politics over the past two decades, Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey, says he won't seek another term.

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As primary polling in Tennessee winds down, election officials report record-breaking absentee and early voting totals. 

TN Governor Haslam Endorses Rubio

Feb 25, 2016
Bill Haslam, via Facebook

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam is endorsing Marco Rubio for the Republican presidential nomination. Haslam says he thinks the Florida Senator has the best chance to beat the Democratic nominee in November. Tennessee is among 12 states holding their Republican presidential primaries this Super Tuesday.

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The Tennessee economy continues a trend of slow and steady growth primarily in urban centers. According to The Quarterly Business and Economic Indicators Report released by the Secretary of State’s Office more than 7,700 new businesses were filed from October to December 2015, a more than 7% increase from the same period last year. More than half of these were in the state's four largest counties: Davidson, Shelby, Knox and Hamilton, signaling an increase in urbanization. 

Tens of thousands of Tennessee students steadied their clammy, test-day hands over a keyboard several days ago. And, for many, nothing happened.

It was the state's first time giving standardized exams on computers, but the rollout couldn't have gone much worse.

In lots of places, the testing platform slowed to a crawl or appeared to shut down entirely. Within hours, Tennessee scrapped online testing for the year.

The move comes after schools spent millions of dollars to buy additional PCs and to improve their wi-fi networks.

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Tennessee residents begin early voting today for the state's March 1 presidential primary. Tennessee joins 11 other states on "Super Tuesday" dubbed this year "SEC Tuesday" since many of the participating states are in the collegiate Southeastern athletic conference. 

A sometimes emotional Gov. Bill Haslam used his annual speech to the General Assembly and the state of Tennessee to take a victory lap of sorts Monday night.

All those controversial ideas, like merit pay and closing government buildings? He says they're finally paying off.