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Exactly What Kind Of Flash Mob Did TN Lawmakers Just Vote To Criminalize?

Apr 17, 2014
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Flash mobs that create property damage could be charged as a crime under a bill that’s passed both chambers in the General Assembly. It’s now on its way to the governor.

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From NPR: Winning matters. Having earned a second term, President Obama will attempt to build on and expand the agenda from his first, launching new initiatives on tax policy, education and immigration. But having won the popular vote by a bare majority — and still facing a divided Congress — Obama may find it difficult to gather momentum for his policies.

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Tennessee Republicans have secured a supermajority in both chambers of the Legislature. The GOP in Tuesday's election claimed the two seats necessary in both chambers to gain the supermajority. The margins are now 24 to 9 in the Senate and 67 to 24 in the House, with one independent.

Tennessee Republicans expect to add to their already considerable advantage in the state House tomorrow. That’s despite the loss of seven Republican incumbents in August primary races. Governor Bill Haslam is predicting GOP supermajorities in both chambers.

Dems call for diversity training for TN lawmakers

Sep 3, 2012
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Democratic leaders in the Tennessee legislature are calling for all state lawmakers to undergo diversity and sensitivity training.  They point to insulting comments made by two Republican lawmakers earlier this month to the Legislature's black caucus as the reason.  Democratic Senate Minority Leader Jim Kyle says he believes lawmakers would benefit from some type of sensitivity session, even if it means incorporating it into the mandatory ethics training.  Vanderbilt University’s Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center director Frank Dobson says the lawmakers' offensive comments are par

Haslam: Decision on evolution bill likely Tuesday

Apr 10, 2012

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam says it will probably be close to the deadline before he decides whether to sign a proposal protecting teachers who allow students to criticize evolution and other scientific theories, such as global warming.  The deadline is today.

Tennessee House Democrats say the Republican majority is moving too quickly through the legislative process.  Toward the end of the House floor session Monday, Democratic Representative Jimmy Naifeh took exception to a Republican move to end debate on overhauling a judicial disciplinary panel.  Naifeh says the measure is a complex change, and lawmakers were unable to receive any details before the vote took place.  Republican Representative Curry Todd made the motion to head straight for a vote.  He says the final vote of 86-7 in favor of the bill showed no debate was necessary.  House Demo