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A Tennessee proposal would give cities and counties an ultimatum: buy metal detectors, hire security guards and check bags at many public buildings, parks and buses, or let handgun permit holders bring in their guns.

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Tennessee lawmakers plan to pass the state's annual $37 billion spending plan this week.

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The Tennessee Legislature has passed a bill that will make it easier for people convicted of lower-level offenses to get their criminal records wiped clean.

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Tennessee lawmakers want to make it against the law for minors to send or keep sexually explicit messages on smartphones.

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The Tennessee Legislature has passed a bill that revamps state charter school law by requiring the publicly funded but privately run schools to be evaluated based on their performance.


The Tennessee Legislature has passed a measure that allows students to take American Sign Language and get credit for their foreign language requirements.

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Tennessee attorney general Herbert H. Slatery III is questioning the constitutionality of a bill banning most abortions after 20 weeks.

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The Tennessee Supreme Court has made a decision making it easier for a divorced parent to move out of state with their kids, even if the other parent objects to the relocation.

Exactly What Kind Of Flash Mob Did TN Lawmakers Just Vote To Criminalize?

Apr 17, 2014
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Flash mobs that create property damage could be charged as a crime under a bill that’s passed both chambers in the General Assembly. It’s now on its way to the governor.

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From NPR: Winning matters. Having earned a second term, President Obama will attempt to build on and expand the agenda from his first, launching new initiatives on tax policy, education and immigration. But having won the popular vote by a bare majority — and still facing a divided Congress — Obama may find it difficult to gather momentum for his policies.