tennessee general assembly

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Bills in the Tennessee legislature that attempt to block the enforcement of federal gun laws in the state are unconstitutional. That’s according to a just-released opinion from the state’s top lawyer.

Tenn. House Speaker Beth Harwell

The Tennessee General Assembly votes for Republican leaders today. House Speaker Beth Harwell is unopposed in her bid for another term the head of the lower chamber. Although no one has stepped up to challenge Harwell, there are challengers for the number two position, House Speaker Pro Tempore. Curtis Johnson of Clarksville is running against incumbent Judd Matheny of Tullahoma.

Matheny abandons TN house speaker challenge

Sep 7, 2012
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Tennessee State Representative Judd Matheny says he’s no longer considering a challenge to fellow Republican Beth Harwell for House speaker next year.  Matheny announced last month he was looking into a bid for the House’s top post because he felt marginalized by other GOP leaders.  He says he will instead seek another term in his current position as House speaker pro tempore.

Tennessee Lawmakers Try to Adjourn Again

May 1, 2012

Heavy debate on a series of bills in the Tennessee House has delayed the conclusion of the General Assembly. The chamber recessed after 10:00 last night, but is scheduled to return at 8:00 this morning. Republican House Speaker Beth Harwell says the early start should give lawmakers every chance to conclude their business by the end of the day. The lower chamber had more than 45 bills remaining on its calendar, including a measure to require drug testing for welfare recipients and a proposed overhaul of the Tennessee Regulatory Authority.

TN House panel kills guns bill, NRA pushes floor vote

Apr 25, 2012

A Tennessee House committee has voted to kill a guns measure that has pitched firearms advocates against business groups.  The House Calendar Committee voted 15-8 Tuesday to send the bill to a study committee after the Legislature adjourns for the year.  The measure backed by the National Rifle Association would allow anybody with a state-issued handgun carry permit to store loaded firearms in their vehicles parked on company lots - regardless of their employers' wishes.  NRA lobbyist Darren LaSorte says he will push for calling the bill directly to the House floor.

A proposal to make lowering the Tennessee state sales tax on groceries contingent on whether there's a surplus in revenue has failed.  The measure failed to get a majority vote in the Senate Finance Committee Wednesday.

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TN Bill to let students express religious viewpoint

Mar 28, 2012

A proposal preventing Tennessee students from being discriminated against for expressing religious beliefs is headed for a state House floor vote.  The measure sponsored by Republican Representative Andy Holt passed the House Education Committee on a voice vote Tuesday.  The companion bill is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Education Committee today.  Holt says he proposed the legislation after talking with a concerned school board member in his district.

Bill seeks to repeal Tenn. Estate tax

Mar 22, 2012

A proposal to repeal Tennessee's estate tax is advancing in the state House.  The measure passed the House Finance Subcommittee Wednesday. The companion bill is awaiting a vote in the Senate’s finance committee.  Under the proposal, the tax - also called the "death tax" - would be gradually phased out over the next four years.  Republican House Speaker Beth Harwell says the proposal is beneficial because the tax, in her words, "drives people, capital and jobs out of the state."

Sponsor of guns in TN parking lots bill to amend it

Mar 21, 2012

The Republican sponsor of a proposal letting workers in Tennessee store firearms in vehicles parked on their employers' lots says he's listened to GOP leaders and plans to amend the legislation so that it's not so broad.  The original bill was up in the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday, but Senator Mike Faulk decided to delay it a week.  The measure would apply to any legally owned firearm regardless of whether the owner had a state-issued handgun carry permit.