Tennessee Democratic Party


The Tennessee Democratic Party is crying foul as advocacy groups begin running TV spots promoting school vouchers. The ads target certain lawmakers without mentioning specific legislation.

Tennessee House Democrats have voted to keep their top leadership in place. Rep. Mike Turner overcame a challenge Wednesday from Rep. Johnny Shaw to hold on to his chairman seat. Rep. Craig Fitzhugh was also re-elected as minority leader without opposition.

Tennessee Senate Democrats re-elected Sen. Jim Kyle as minority leader and Sen. Lowe Finney as caucus chairman. The Democrats lost six seats earlier this month. Now they only have seven of 33 seats in the upper chamber of the General Assembly.


Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Chip Forrester says he won't seek a third term as state party head. Spokesman Brandon Puttbrese confirmed Forrester’s decision to stay out of the race today. Since Forrester became chairman in 2009, the Democratic Party has lost 14 state house seats, three in the U.S. Congress and the governorship.

Tennessee Democratic Party Disavows Senate Candidate

Aug 3, 2012

The Tennessee Democratic Party is disavowing Mark Clayton as their party's U. S. Senate nominee, saying the little-known candidate belongs to a hate group. Clayton, a floor installer, received twice the votes of his nearest competitor in a seven-candidate Democratic primary Thursday.