Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

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Medical examiners have identified skeletal remains in Robertson County, Tennessee as those of a missing Fort Campbell Soldier. 

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, TBI Media

Special Agents from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation have arrested and charged Brenden Tyler Burns in connection to the shooting death of a TBI Special Agent. Agent De'Greaun Frazier was killed Tuesday afternoon in Jackson, TN during the course of an ongoing drug investigation.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

  The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has arrested a police officer from the Paris, Tennessee police department in connection with the death of his infant son earlier this month.


The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has released a study of crimes on school campuses across the state.  

More than 30,000 offenses on school campuses were reported by law enforcement agencies from 2012 to 2014.  

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has indicted a Clarksville-area woman for allegedly stealing more than twenty-thousand-dollars from the Wounded Warrior Project Fund. 

Former Credit Union CEO Facing Fraud Charges

Jun 13, 2014
TBI Media

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation indicted a Clarksville woman accused of defrauding the financial institution she led.

TBI Special Agents report that Christina Pace, as Chief Executive Officer of Gateway Credit Union, altered monthly balance sheets over the course of nearly 2 years, costing Gateway a net loss of approximately 400 thousand dollars. Additionally, 


Over the last three years, reports of domestic violence in Tennessee have decreased by 8 percent according to a new study from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.


The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation arrested a Woodlawn woman following a lengthy theft investigation. 


Crime is down on Tennessee college campuses, according to a new report released by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.


Earlier this month, the circulation of plant seeds containing a psychoactive chemical compound similar to LSD led to the hospitalization of five Stewart County High School students.

The seeds of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose – a climbing vine – contain lysergic acid amide, or LSA.