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Kentucky state government is working to make small businesses aware of a tax saving program for those who expand their companies. The Kentucky Office of Entrepreneurship is holding public meetings statewide for small business owners on how to qualify for the small business tax credit. 

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Tennessee general fund tax collections are beating projections by nearly $700 million through the first month of the budget year. 

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State officials in Kentucky collected more than $1 billion dollars in taxes in April, setting a record high. 

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn says there's nothing wrong with waiting until the last minute to file tax returns.

Quinn says in the past he has even been guilty of coming right up against the deadline. Today is the final day to file 2012 tax returns. Quinn says paying taxes isn’t fun, but it's the price of living in a democracy.

Tax Amnesty Deadline is November 30

Nov 8, 2012

Kentucky’s tax amnesty program has brought in thousands of payments, and the state expects more before the Nov. 30 deadline. The amnesty allows delinquent taxpayers to pay back taxes without penalties, and cuts interest amounts by half. Finance and administration secretary Lori Flanery says taxpayers save 30 percent on average with amnesty.