Ariana Marciano is adding to her collection of about 75 tattoos at Body Electric, a tattoo and piercing studio on trendy Melrose Avenue in Hollywood. "I think they're so cool and I think they're visually really nice to look at," she says. There's a ram's head, an elk, a green-and-peach praying mantis, a love bug and a moth. Today she's getting a ladybug.

"I love bugs," Marciano, 23, says. "I think they're kind of overlooked." In about 20 minutes, a small ladybug with dots on its back and a bit of rusty orange takes its place on her elbow.

Tennessee Cracks Down on Tattoos

May 16, 2012

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has signed a proposal cracking down on the tattooing of minors into law.  The law makes it illegal for anyone who is unlicensed to possess tattooing paraphernalia.