susan wilson

Local Government
8:18 am
Mon July 2, 2012

Paducah Receives Insurance Money from Embezzlement Claim

The city of Paducah has received over $60,000 dollars from an insurance claim on the embezzlement of more the $230,000 dollars from its convention and expo centers. 

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3:22 pm
Thu June 7, 2012

Former Paducah Expo and Convention Center Director Receives Two Year Sentence

McCracken County Sheriff's Department

The two people who embezzled more than $200,000 from the Paducah/McCracken County Convention and Expo Center will serve two year and 18 month respective prison sentences.

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Morning Cram
7:32 am
Thu June 7, 2012

the morning cram [taste of your own medicine edition]

Take that mosquitoes.

NPR reports an Australian scientist is trying to defeat dengue fever by infecting mosquitoes. It takes a very small needle, and a very steady hand.

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7:14 am
Thu June 7, 2012

Kerr and Wilson Face Sentencing Today

The pair behind a more than $230,000 dollar embezzlement scandal involving the Paducah/McCracken County Convention and Expo Centers face sentencing today. 

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Crime and Law
1:51 pm
Thu March 22, 2012

CCC gets Embezzlement Investigation Report

An investigation into the embezzlement of more than $230,000 dollars from the Paducah-McCracken County convention and expo centers is complete.

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Kerr, Wilson Plead Guilty
3:45 pm
Fri March 16, 2012

Kerr and Wislon Plead Guilty

J. Patrick Kerr and Susan Wilson pleaded guilty today to federal charges stemming from the embezzlement of more than $230,000 dollars from the Paducah-McCracken Convention and Expo Centers. The charges include Theft and Misappropriation of Property under Custody of a Federal Program. The two could face up to 20 years in federal prison. Sentencing is scheduled for June 8th in Paducah.

Paducah Convention Center
3:28 pm
Tue March 13, 2012

Kerr and Wilson to Plead Guilty to Embezzlement

McCracken County Jail

The pair accused of embezzling more than $230,000 from the Paducah Expo and Convention centers will change their pleas to guilty in a deal with federal prosecutors. J. Patrick Kerr’s lawyer Mark Bryant says Kerr and his alleged accomplice Susan Wilson will pay more than $25,000 in restitution, but he declined to give further information until Friday.