Republican Senate President David Williams says Democratic Governor Steve Beshear needs to tone down his rhetoric over the upcoming special session.

The two men butted heads yesterday when the Senate didn't pass two of the session's critical bills. The Senate adjourned, effectively killing a bill that funded the state's road plan and one that would place further limitations on prescription drugs.

In his call for the special session, Beshear personally blamed Williams for blocking the bills, and at other times called him greedy and selfish.

A blame game over important legislation is turning into a full-blown repeat of last year's gubernatorial election.

Democratic Governor Steve Beshear and Republican Senate President David Williams are arguing over who is to blame for lawmakers adjourning their regular session without passing key bills. A bill to crack down on Kentucky's prescription drug abuse died in the final minutes of the session, and even though lawmakers passed a road plan, they neglected to pass the bill that funds the projects.

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Somehow oops doesn't seem to cover it...

NPR reports a failed missile test yesterday may make North Korea more belligerent and confrontational.

Governor Steve Beshear says he'll call lawmakers back into a special session Monday to consider a transportation budget that provides needed funding for a 4 and a half billion dollar highway construction plan.  Lawmakers passed the plan late last night, but adjourned without approving funding.  Beshear blames Republican Senate President David Williams for thwarting passage of the transportation budget.  Williams insisted Beshear sign the construction plan into law before the Senate passed the funding measure.  But the governor says he didn't have time to fully review the construction before

Kentucky lawmakers have one more legislative day in their calendar this year, but they likely won’t spend it overriding vetoed bills. Governor Steve Beshear spent most of yesterday signing bills into law. And outside of the almost mandatory line item vetoes every governor has in budget bills, Beshear says he doesn’t expect to use his veto pen. That means dozens of bills passed this session will go onto the books. This includes bills allowing new districts of innovation for local school districts, the elimination of confederate pensions and new restrictions on pseudoephedrine purchases.

Afternoon Round-Up 4/11/12

Apr 11, 2012
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Today on NPR:  North Korea flexes its muscles.

Kentucky Legislation:

Governor Beshear signed a bill keeping federal unemployment tax hikes from turning into law.

Beshear has signed the Amish Buggy Bill into law.

Jackson Purchase:

Governor Steve Beshear has signed a plan to save employers from federal unemployment insurance tax hikes into law.

At his first ceremonial bill signing of the year, Beshear praised lawmakers and the business and labor communities for reaching a compromise.

House Bill 495 would allow Kentucky to borrow money from a state organization to repay interest on a more than nine hundred million dollar unemployment loan.

And while the bill will still raise taxes for employers in two years, it’s at a lesser rate. Beshear says that’s a fair answer to the problem.

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Drivers of slow moving vehicles now have the option of using reflective tape instead of the standard orange triangle while on Kentucky roads.

Beshear Offers Staff to Help Draft Kentucky Road Plan

Apr 11, 2012

Kentucky Governor  Steve Beshear is urging lawmakers to finish their work on a transportation budget and six-year road plan on the final day of this year's legislative session.  Beshear says the Kentucky's roads and bridges are the state's economic lifeblood, and not passing legislation to ensure their continued maintenance would do more than threaten public safety.  With time running out, lawmakers haven't yet reached agreement on what road construction projects to fund in the next two-year budget cycle or in an overall six-year plan.  Beshear says he will make State Budget Director Mary L

Today on NPR: Facebook is Buying Instagram (Somewhere in Portland a hipster is quietly sobbing into his can of PBR)

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